27 March 2006

Motion Sick Right Before Lunch

Just in case it slipped past your radar, there was a minor geological event at 11:50, right before lunch. I toyed with titling this update using the word "Earthquake", but I didn't want to alarm anyone.

The epicenter was off the east coast of Kyushu and measured about a 5.3; Oita seems to have had the biggest shaking, but no damage or injuries have been reported (that I've been able to see). Down here in the somewhat north end of Kagoshima, I would wager it was near an even two. Didn't hear anything or really notice any shaking. At ten minutes to noon, as I was contemplating my lunch options, I suddenly felt a little queasy. The supervisor in the department next to mine looked in my direction and asked if we were having an earthquake. We looked around and saw a few small signs of shaking - phone cords swaying a little bit, department signs swinging a little from their chains, but nothing to worry about.

So, there you have it. My first workplace earthquake. Woah.

On Stage... Now With Real Music

Charity Concert 1
Originally uploaded by gogakuhei.
Played at a charity concert on Saturday with Nathan and Andy (not Andrew). I guess things went pretty well, from what we heard. Plenty of nerves up on stage, for all three of us.

While I'm more comfortable with the guitar slung up high for now, it really makes me look like I have a guitar for a torso. Lousy posture, too. Time to hit the gym.

I also figured out what part of the whole band "front man" bit is about. After our (one song) performance, people that knew us congratulated all three of us, while people that didn't know us gave praise to Andy. Singer as front man - I guess the vocalist really is the visible one. No biggie. I'm in this for the babes more than the spotlight.

08 March 2006

Warm, Cold, Warm, Cold...

It seems the weather can't make up its mind about what season it is these days. Two days ago it was almost downright chilly. Yesterday was pretty warm. Today is slightly chilly. It's been like this for a couple weeks now, so I guess we're on our way to "spring".

I don't have much else to toss about today; I got an email or two mentioning my lack of updates and realized that it had been about three weeks since I posted anything. Sorry 'bout that.

I did manage to get out last Sunday and buy a guitar. A brand-new "Sepia Crue" W-130TS. Essentially it's a good guitar for a beginner, which I am. It's a lot easier to play than the guitar I got from my predecessor, which is close to retirement. Between the guitar, the bag (included), a new strap, and a capo, I put down about $85. I never really realized that guitars could be had for so little.

The performance for Nathan and I is on the 25th, in about two weeks. I'm making progress, but the rythymic strumming that I'd like to have is still evading me, just a little bit. It would be nice to sound good this time. The audience will be larger than our performance last year, and we're playing it a bit more seriously.

I really feel like I'm struggling to come up with things to say, so I'll just let it go at that and get back to work.