30 August 2008


Originally uploaded by gogakuhei
Here's my first attempt at blogging a video clip. I have a few more clips to put up, but I need to convert/edit them first (more on that below).

This is a view from the top of the stairwell leading to my apartment, panning from up the street, across the park (the big tree across the street is a cherry tree), and then down the street. The noise you hear is the cicadas, and a single raven about 3/4 of the way through. Yes, the cicadas get that loud.

(Note: I had to run the original video through a converter so I could rotate it 90 degrees. my phone shoots video in a horizontal format, but all the indicators on the screen are oriented as if you're shooting video in a vertical format. Long note short, I had to convert this, so it squished the video a little, making everything look just a little wider than it really is.)

07 August 2008

My Other... Job?

Well, maybe it's more of a pastime.

Uno Mas

Leave any comments here; I don't think The Green Magazine is looking for feedback on any freelancers.