29 July 2009

Trivial? Yes.

Looked into Wikipedia for something, and came across this interesting tidbit:

"Kasai Station (葛西駅, Kasai-eki?) is a train station in Edogawa, Tokyo Prefecture, Japan. Its station number is T-17. The station opened on 29 March 1969, and consists of two elevated side platforms.

"The station has World's largest fully automated parking lot for bicycles where about 9,400 cycles are automatically parked in its 15 metre deep basement. Each of the automatic lift at the parking lot can handle upto 180-190 cycles and it takes just 23 seconds to retrieve back the cycle."

Also learned that "[the] Tōzai Line is the second most-ridden subway line in Japan, and according to a 2007 study, is the country's most crowded during rush hours." That's one of the lines I ride to work, which explains a whole lot about that part of the commute.

(Edit: Okay, after a little more poking, I found an informative, bilingual post on someone else's site. Looks like I have a French Canadian neighbor with a nice blog. Très cool!)