17 August 2009

A Disc Golf Shop in Tokyo!

Went to have dinner with friend and his girlfriend this weekend. We got off the train and were on our way to meet him at a grocery store, when right around the corner from the grocery I saw a small (about 2/3 size) portable golf basket on the sidewalk outside a small shop. Stepped over, looked inside, and saw more than twice as many discs as you'd find at Real Cheap on a good day, packed into a shop no larger than a medium size walk-in closet.

I talked with the owner for only a little bit (we were on our way to meet people, after all), but got his card and a few "introduction to disc golf" booklets (in Japanese, naturally). I'm pretty sure all his discs meet the Japanese regulations (maximum 152g). He had a few nice-looking golf bags, too. For Japan, the discs were reasonably priced ($14-$20). I didn't look too closely, but the bags seemed reasonable, too.

The owner said there are two courses in Tokyo; one near Tatsumi (which I already knew about, and is rather close to the house), and a course in Saitama. He said the course in Saitama is pretty good; I guess I'll have to steal a weekend before it gets too cold and get in a round or two of golf.

The shop: DD Jam

Will pick up a few discs after vacation.

17 September 2015: Updated the URL for the shop.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The correct/changed link is this: http://www.ddjam.jp/discgolf/index.html

01 November, 2013 22:02  

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